Super Mothership

Chapter 219 Take the initiative

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After upgrading the quantum computer, the effect was immediate.

With more surplus computing power, the operation of all small robots immediately became more agile, and some functional sacrifice plans that were originally made to save computing resources were immediately abandoned.

It's like the Internet speed is not fast enough. You can only choose the Blu-ray image quality. Now that the speed is increased, you can watch 4k movies and television. It's a truth.

It is conservatively estimated that after this speed-up, the work efficiency of ordinary robots under Nie Yun's command can be increased by at least 20%.

In addition, the computers and computing terminals in various bases and mining vehicles and other equipment other than the Seawolf are also completing quantum computer upgrades one after another. At that time, it will be able to divert most of its computing needs to various terminals, and the number of robot troops it can control will continue to increase!

Nie Yun said that if you use your own soldiers, the more you use, the better!


Moon Novice Village.

“Huh?Do you think those robots seem to have changed a bit?It feels a little different from just now."Smith looked at the 300 basic model robot in automatic mining mode not far from him and said to David beside him.

This is the 300 robots that the boss bought before, and now it is counted as part of the investment and handed over to Smith for unified management.

“Correct!I feel the same way!Eh?Look at that robot! pushed away the stone that was in the way!"David pointed to a robot and said in surprise.

This stone is not big or small, and it just stopped on a busy road.

“Well, yes, if it was before, these robots would not only be a little stiff in their movements, but they would also choose to bypass this stone blocking the road, because from the point of view of efficiency, bypassing it is more time-saving and labor-saving than moving it away. This is the logical judgment of the optimal option that robots are accustomed to.

However, they don't understand that although moving away seems to be more troublesome in the short term, it is a more efficient approach in the long run!

From this small detail, you can understand why their working hours are longer than ours, but their output is still worse than ours.

Nevertheless, the intelligence of this kind of robot is still ridiculously high in my opinion, but fortunately, it is finally within the range of understanding, but now……

Seeing them suddenly live the same performance... it's extremely scary to think about it!"Smith said solemnly.

The abilities of these weird robots have improved again, which shows that...the strength of the great demon Captain Ghost has increased again!

“Well...could it be that their mining experience points are full, so the characters have been upgraded?"David guessed, touching his chin.

“Uh..." Smith looked at him speechlessly.

Hey hey!Are you a bit deep in the drama?We are really not playing games!


During the period of upgrading the computing center, Nie Yun was not idle. At this time, in addition to the quantum computer, another quantum technology application has also been analyzed by Nie Yun.

It is an essential skill in interstellar navigation... long-distance quantum communication technology!

It is also this means of communication that enables remote communication between the detector and the gravity bomb to be completed completely undetected by Nie Yun.

According to the parameters of this kind of communication equipment, the small quantum communication technology of the Gemini civilization can already achieve instant messaging within 1 light-year range, and no matter how far away, the quantum entanglement effect in the stable equipment will be unstable, resulting in communication interruption.

From the historical records of the detector's communication components, it can be seen that the Gemini civilization also has a large-scale quantum communication base station. Using it as a relay point, it can also achieve long-distance communication of more than 1 light-year. The specific maximum communication distance is temporarily unknown.

However, it seems that because it is not easy to build, they have not built such a contact point near the solar system, and in the past thirteen years, there has been no record of intelligence being sent out of the probe.

In other words, the information collected by the other party through the detector cannot be sent back to the Gemini civilization in real time, so there is only one possibility left!That is, on the "visit day", the spacecraft that came to patrol received the compressed intelligence package at close range!

“Well...if that's the case..." Nie Yun's thoughts turned quickly in his mind, his eyes narrowed, and he began to make an arrangement”……


After the remains of the two detectors located at the Lagrange Point were swallowed by the mechanical worm, some small silver silk threads suddenly appeared. These silk threads gathered several pieces of detector debris together like building blocks, and then the severed parts healed quickly and quickly returned to their original appearance, as intact as ever!

Subsequently, the detector activated the optical stealth device unique to the Gemini civilization, as if it had not been destroyed before, and gradually disappeared into this void.……

That's right, the “Eagle Eye” detection that was previously concealed from Nie Yun was precisely because Gemini also has a set of optical stealth technology!

As a spy detector, the measure of its strength is not the tough-guy attributes of attack or defense. The most important thing for it should be the ability to conceal and detect assassins!

And the Gemini civilization naturally understands this. In addition to the two basic equipment, the control core and the quantum communication components, the key equipment they installed on it for concealment is the light deflection invisibility device!

Gemini's optical invisibility, although the effect looks similar to Nie Yun's optical invisibility, the principle is very different.

Nie Yun's optical invisibility is mainly achieved by showing a very high-quality background picture on the surface of the invisible object, in this way to achieve the effect of visual deception.

The stealth technology of the Gemini civilization is more high-end. They achieve the stealth effect by distorting the light so that it directly bypasses the object itself!

The position shield of the gravity bomb also has the effect of deflecting high-energy laser attacks, and this device for deflecting visible light is undoubtedly a branch application of graviton technology.

If you look at it one by one, using this technology, the Gemini civilization even has the ability to deflect the infrared rays emitted by the high-temperature engines in the spacecraft's flight directly behind it, making the enemy's infrared detection useless.

This can explain why the Gemini people have visited so many times, but the human civilization that already has such detection instruments has never found any trace of the opponent's spacecraft!

Of course, it is not ruled out that the opponent is using a legendary thing like a non-working fluid engine, but it is less likely.

From a technical point of view, there is no doubt that Gemini's stealth technology is more advanced. In comparison, Nie Yun's stealth technology not only has a poor visual deception effect, but also once it enters a complex environment or is in a state of high-speed movement, the stealth effect of the two is even more incomparable.

It's good to have a gap!How can I progress without a gap?Nie Yun had already accepted this technology happily.

At this moment, the two detectors that entered the stealth state restarted to monitor the earth's every move as usual in accordance with the scheduled procedures set by the Gemini people and collect information about the earth.……

They... are Nie Yun's first moves!

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