Super Mothership

Chapter 125 A Very Urgent Question

(TL:By Rafael,

“Jerry, what's the matter?”There was an inquiry from the ground control center, which was paying close attention to the docking situation.
  When the three of them finished reporting the current situation, the ground control center was also confused.
  Under normal circumstances, after the docking interface between the space station and the spacecraft is connected, the next step is to balance the pressure on both sides, and then the two sides open the docking channel before the astronauts can pass.
  However, the problem now is that there is no sound in the slap!Even if the docking interface on the spacecraft side can be opened, you will still not be able to get through if the space station side is not opened!
  There is no locksmith in space, you can only be stunned when the door is locked!Is it possible that you can still break in?
  The ground command center that received the news is now completely messed up.
  The person in charge of NASA was sweating at the moment, looking at the three-dimensional icon of the space station displayed on the display screen, and the location of the interface was awesomely in a red fault state.
  His heart was tight. Although there was a reason for the previous oxygen tank leak, as the head of NASA, he was also under a lot of pressure from Congress.
  If there is another problem this time, then he can almost consider retiring directly!
  Congress needs a scapegoat to appease people's dissatisfaction. After all, it costs American taxpayers' money!
  “What the hell is going on!Why can't we control the docking interface of the space station?!"He roared.
  “Everything is normal with the feedback data from the space station, and the instructions are well received!But the interface just can't be opened!It seems to be physically locked!”A technician replied quickly.
  Physically locked?How is this possible!
  This is a spacecraft material, do you think it is an inferior firearm that can still get stuck!
  At this time, Trump, who had heard the news, walked into the control center with his bodyguards.
  “Mr. President!”The person in charge hurriedly greeted him.
  “What's the matter?I heard there is a problem here?”
  “Yes...yes!The interface control of the space station has failed...”
  “Failure?Have you found the reason?”
  “I'm not sure yet, it may be... it may be that the interface is stuck due to physical damage in some locations.”
  Trump frowned, “You should know that I persuaded Congress to allocate funds for this plan under a lot of pressure!"It has a special mission...”
  The person in charge naturally understood what Trump meant, and a cold sweat appeared on his forehead, "Don't worry, Mr. President, this is just a small accident, and I will deal with it immediately!"”
  He took a deep breath and came to the podium.
  “Immediately let the Soyuz get out of its current position, abandon the No. 1 docking interface, and turn to the No. 2 docking interface to re-dock!”He ordered.
  In the Soyuz spacecraft, three astronauts are waiting for troubleshooting and next instructions from the ground command center.
  “It's weird!There is definitely something weird in it!"Tom stared at the space station in the monitor, as if he wanted to see through it through the monitor.
  “Damn it!What the hell is going on? This space station has been used for so many years, and it used to be fine!Why has it always malfunctioned recently? Is it him? Is the shelf life coming soon?"Jerry said a little frantically.
  “Uh...maybe it's just a small probability of failure?"Boogie was a little uncertain.
  “I think there is definitely something in it!Trust me!My intuition has always been very accurate!"Tom said.
  “That's enough, stop selling your woodpecker!Is your intuition accurate?Why did I never know!"Jerry helped his forehead.
  "Hey!Little Jerry!Have you forgotten what I said when the two of us first met at the Aerospace Training Center?"Tom raised the volume to remind.
  Jerry stiffened when he heard the words.
  Boogie looked at Jerry strangely and said curiously, “What did you say?”
  “I said‘ 'Hey buddy!The first time I saw you, I felt that you were still a place...’!How's it going, my intuition is inaccurate!"Tom said proudly.

Boogie: “......”
  Jerry: “......”
  When the three of them were talking, they did not notice that the silver-white liquid metal was slowly spreading from the space station to the Soyuz spacecraft in a dead corner that could not be illuminated by the monitor below the interface.
  They gradually climbed onto the hull of the Soyuz spacecraft, spread everywhere, and quickly merged into the interior of the spacecraft.
  Nie Yun has eaten satellites and space stations, but he hasn't eaten a space shuttle yet!This is a technical gap!
  How could Nie Yun let go of this kind of fat that was automatically delivered to the door?
  The mechanical worm continued to spread inside the Soyuz spacecraft. First, it found the control center. Li Daitao's plan to rigor mortis was staged again. The display inside the spacecraft only flickered and returned to its original state. The three astronauts did not realize that their control center had been controlled.
  The next step is simple. The mechanical worm began to decompose and reconstruct unscrupulously, and quickly analyzed the spacecraft while ensuring the overall structure of the spacecraft.
  From the outside, the color of the Soyuz spacecraft is constantly changing strangely everywhere, turning silver-white for a while, and returning to its original color for a while. This phenomenon slowly spreads from the center to the surroundings of the spacecraft.……
  “Hey hey!Have you noticed that the data shows something wrong?It seems that it just flashed!"Boogie wondered.
  “Why didn't I find out that the situation is normal?"Jerry took a closer look at the display and said.
  “No!I also noticed!There was indeed a moment just now, and the display flickered!"Tom said solemnly.
  You must know that the spacecraft materials are all top-of-the-line, and there will never be flicker of unstable voltage!

“Hey hey!Don't scare me!This is outer space. Once there is a problem with the spacecraft, even if I have a name, I have to get a bento...”
  “Although everything is normal in the display data, my intuition tells me that this must be the ghost of something inside!"Tom's eyes lit up suddenly.
  “Could it be that it wants to talk to us?Is this a signal to us?"He touched his chin and guessed.
  Jerry: “......”
  “Tom, Jerry, Boogie!Please answer when you hear it!"Suddenly the voice of the ground control center came from the communication.
  “Yes, we are listening!”
  “You are now out of the No. 1 docking interface and move to the No. 2 docking interface to re-docking!Pay attention to the control to save fuel!”
  None of the three of them were surprised by this decision. This should be the most effective solution!They immediately began to act.
  Soon, the preparations for the detachment were completed.
  “Break away!"Jerry said and pressed the detach operation button.
  But a minute passed……
  The three of them looked at the motionless interface in a daze, “...”
  “Soyuz?What's going on?Why haven't you left yet?”The voice in the communication sounded.
  Tom looked at the space station with a weird expression on his face.
  “Well... we have a very urgent question here. If the door is not opened when you open the door, even the key is stuck... what should I do?”
  Person in charge of NASA: “...”
  Trump: “......”
  Mechanical worm: “......”

TL Note- Find a lock picker easy......


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